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Halloween Invasion - Event

Event: Halloween Invasion 2015 
Date: 31 October 2015
Place: Big Royal Hall Hotel Eurobuilding - Puerto Ordaz, Estado Bolívar - Venezuela.

This past October 31 Halloween Invasion, that was an amazing event. I was special guest, an exhibition of Gothic art was held. The whole event was a big party at the Royal Hall of the Hotel Eurobuilding. The entry of this place was the epicenter of music, dancing and cosplay.

This event was attended by stands of merchandise anime, gothic trends, highlights cosplayers city, gorgeous belly dancers, tattoo artists, models SuicideGirls style, march of zombies, contest macabre literature, dance contest, a stand of sugar skulls artistic makeup and allegory to the occultist museum Warren and coverage of several local and regional media . 

The daily Primicia made ​​me an interview based titled The Seven Deadly Sins of EnysGuerrero. I 've spent quite great. Here are some pictures.


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